Google Ads Management

If your business needs to get more calls from customers who are looking for what you have to offer, we can help!

Google Ads are tremendously powerful. They allow you to target consumers who are actively searching for the products and services that you have to offer. They can also be used to target consumers who display a range of online behaviours that indicate their intention to do business. 

Google Ads are great for building awareness and driving conversions such as sales and leads. Contact us to find out how we can use Google Ads to support your business goals. 

Why Choose Us

Results Focused 

This year, on average, we produce a 5x return on ad spend. That means, for every $1 we spend on ads, we return $5.5 to our clients. It’s also telling that our customers tend to stay with us for years. 

Conversion Optimized

We setup your website to track everything that matters and optimize your ads to drive more of the actions that grow your business. 

We’re Qualified  

We are Google Ads certified, Certified Digital Marketing Professionals (CDMP) and Customer Acquisition Specialists. On top of that, we attend the major conferences every year to remain relevant.

What you can expect working with us as your Google Ads Management Agency

FREE Initial Consultation

We meet with you to discuss your business, your goals, your target audience and campaign goals. We will also review your current assets and give feedback on how we can make them better. If we do not believe that we can improve your campaigns, we will not accept your project.

Setup Conversions

Setup tracking of form submissions, purchases and calls to your business.

Keyword Research

Research how your customers are searching for your business online, create a list of high intent keywords and audiences to target in order to ensure your ads are reaching the right customers at the right time.

Copy Writing & Graphic Design

We will write the ads necessary to target your customers. We will also create your display ads and videos for use as advertisements.

Ad Optimizations

We will work on making your ads better at driving results by retaining the best performing ads and replacing poor performing ones.

Monthly Report

Every month you will receive a report to your inbox outlining how well your campaigns did over the last month.