About Us

Marketing is essential for any business to succeed. At Axel Business Solutions, we specialize in helping companies promote their products or services through digital channels. We believe that digital marketing is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach and connect with your ideal customers.

Let us help your business grow through targeted and effective digital marketing campaigns.

What we do

We have a wealth of experience in the field, with over 5 years of digital marketing expertise and over 10 years of website design experience. Our co-founder and Digital Marketing Specialist, Raphael Satchell, is a Customer Acquisition Apecialist and a Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP). He is also Google Ads certified and regularly attends conferences and trainings to stay up-to-date on the latest Digital Marketing trends.

Let us put our skills and knowledge to work for your business and drive success through targeted digital marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Advertising 92%
Web Design 90%
Video Marketing 87%
Graphic design 85%
Social Media Advertising 87%

Our Team

Damoi Simpson
Raphael Satchell
Digital Marketer
Customer Acquisition Specialist
Certified Digital Marketing Professional (CDMP)
Dimitri Koontz
Justin Fletcher