What is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is essentially marketing done over digital channels. It can be used to build trust and establish your brand identity. Though it is primarily done over the internet, Digital Marketing is critical as it is estimated that 81% of all retail shoppers research their buying options online before completing a transaction. It is therefore essential that businesses consider how they are represented online. It can also be a great way to engage with your audience and build relationships with customers.


Why Is Digital Marketing Important? 

4.95 billion people across the globe have access to internet, that is more than 65% of the global population. That means that if you are marketing online, you will be able to reach your market. Businesses can connect with their target audience and establish themselves as a trusted brand or source of information. This can result in businesses building brand loyalty and driving sales. 


Types of Digital Marketing 

There are 8 types of Digital Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The process of optimizing your website in order for it to be found online through search engines. This can help to increase the visibility of your website and attract more traffic.
  2. Social Media Marketing: The process of using social media platforms, such as Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to promote your brand and engage with your audience.
  3. Content marketing: This involves the creation and sharing valuable content to attract and retain an audience. 
  4. Email Marketing: This involves sending marketing messages via email to a group of people who have opted-in to receive them.
  5. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: This involves placing ads on search engine results pages or other websites, and paying a fee each time someone clicks on your ad.
  6. Affiliate marketing: This involves promoting products or services of another company on your website and earning a commission for each sale that you generate.
  7. Influencer marketing: This involves partnering with individuals who have a significant following of your target audience on social media to promote your products or services.
  8. Native advertising: This involves placing ads that match the form and function of the platform on which they appear. 


Benefits of Digital Marketing 

  1. Increased visibility and reach: Digital marketing allows businesses to reach a larger audience than they would be able to through traditional marketing methods. This is because the internet has a global reach, and digital marketing strategies can be targeted to specific audiences.
  2. Better engagement and interaction with customers: Digital marketing allows businesses to interact with customers in real-time and to gather valuable feedback through social media and other online channels. This can help businesses improve their products and services and build stronger relationships with their customers. 
  3. Improved Return On Investment: Digital marketing is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing, and allows businesses to target their target audiences and drive strategic results at a lower cost. 
  4. Increased conversion rates: Digital marketing can help businesses to convert more leads into customers, as it allows them to tailor their marketing messages and strategies to specific audience segments. This can result in higher conversion rates and more sales.
  5. Tracking and measurement: Digital marketing allows businesses to track and measure the effectiveness of their marketing efforts on their bottom line. This allows businesses to see which strategies are working and which are not.